Sunday 5 June 2011

Allergy -that makes you sick?

Most of the time, we are not aware about the cause of certain diseases or sickness. Earlier people were not aware about allergies. But now a day it is a common among all generations. Due to pollution and our life style we are more vulnerable to allergies.  Most of the people complain that they are allergic to dust, metals, feathers of birds, pollen-grains, certain smells, soap, and strong perfumes.  Somebody from younger generation may also say that he is allergic to girls (!)  …Allergy is very gigantic term.

What is allergy?
·          Anything that irritates us, when it comes in contact with our body in any way either by inhalation or by skin contact and shows some adverse symptoms is the allergy.
·         Common symptoms of any allergy are running nose, skin irritation (rash) that can cause scratching, block nose, watering eyes etc.
·         In severe allergic conditions breathlessness, diarrhea, vomiting symptoms related to heart can be present. These should be diagnosed and treated by doctor.

Common allergies...
·         We will focus today only on more common allergies like dust allergy which results often running or blocked nose, headache, watering eyes.
·         As per the Ayurveda, behind any diseases or symptom there is cause. Very strong cause.
·         That cause should be identified, it can be decreasing immunity, abnormal behaviour of body (vikrut dosawastha,virrudha aacharan i.e. vihar)
·         The best way to fight with the allergy is to improve the immunity. Good eating and healthy habits will improve the immunity.  
·         Secondly we should improve the capability of nose, (bala of Nasa  (nose). You can use the panchendriya vardhan oil.
·         You also can use doshanashak and shrotovardhk medicines like Yashtimadh, shatawari, sitopaladi churna etc.
·         Make your life style healthy. Good exercise, healthy food and relaxed life will help you to make your life easy.

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